Nicole’s Heirlooms: The Neon Frill Bikini

More than a year ago I began planning an epic vacation to the Turks & Caicos with my family. We are two weeks away from our trip and I started putting together my essentials, which includes Monoii Tiki Tahiti oil, breathable fabrics, my Kindle Fire, a floppy hat and a playful bikini. The search for cute swimwear led me far and wide, but passing up this Frill Hipster Bikini Pant and Bandeau Top from ASOS’s sale last week would have been crazy. It reminds me of tropical punch, which is befitting of the occasion.

Wouldn’t you agree? What else should I pack for my trip?

Pretty Pictures: Rita Ora in Elle Magazine

Thomas Whiteside captures the playful beauty of pop singer Rita Ora, for Elle magazine’s annual “Women in Music” issue. The spread itself is beautiful, but my childhood soft spot for Mickey Mouse makes this my favorite photo out of the bunch.

(Source: Fashion Gone Rogue)

Lust List: Warby Parker Neville Blue Marblewood Sunglasses

I have been itching for a reason to return to Warby Parker‘s check out cart ever since I purchased my prescription eyeglasses two years ago. I love Warby’s business model, and the option of shopping from the comfort of a couch without paying astronomical prices for eyeglasses is unmatched. However, there’s only one thing that keeps me from investing in more than one pair of eyeglasses, and that’s the expiration date of my prescriptions.

Enter Warby Parker’s Sunwear collection; a breezy bevy of sunnies that come in two options, with or without a prescription. While I want nearly every frame that they offer, the Neville blue marblewood sunglasses are by far my favorite. And everyone else’s too apparently.

Reasonable priced at $195 with a prescription and $145 without one, these bad boys are completely sold out. Lust list item indeed.

Visit to check out the collection.

Pretty Pictures: Aluad Deng Anei in Marie Claire South Africa

Kope | Figgins captures natural beauty Aluad Deng Anei for the Strong Suit spread in Marie Claire South Africa. We saw tailored suits on the runways last spring, and this bossy photo shows how separate pieces can be paired for a unique suiting experience. Are you daring enough to try this?

(Photo: Fashion Gone Rogue)

Leaping Lacquers: Spring Polishes to Add to Your Stash

 Spring is here and it is time for the sprightly, the light and the beautiful — just in case you needed a reminder to rotate out those darker nail polishes!

While dainty pastels are a seasonal must, this season’s lacquers ebb on the wilder side into bold iridescent, glitter and citrus-y shades. Of course I found my favorites, but here are 15 spring polishes that are worth buying for spring.

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Spring 2013 Shopping Guide

In a few days, we will welcome with open arms the budding confirmation of winter’s end. Old Man Winter may bite at our noses a bit more, but there’s something about the rejuvenation and the assortment of nature’s wonders that make spring an all-time favorite.

Last fall, designers around the world interpreted what spring would bring. At Louis Vuitton it was a checkered sensation. At Alexander Wang it was springtime leather. Collectively, designers tuned into eight trends that not only would capture a woman’s aesthetic for the season, but would burn up the racks at every department store and boutique in town. From florals galore to perforated tees, here are the eight trends to scoop up this spring.  Continue reading

Now Playing: Beyonce “Bow Down/I Been On”

It’s no surprise that I have already replayed Beyonce’s latest song “Bow Down/I Been On” at least eight times tonight. It’s that in-your-face anthem that every girl will use as a last minute motivator toward their dream summer body.

Besides that, who doesn’t love a cheeky bad girl?

(Photo and Music Source: Beyonce)

The Women Who Shaped My Fashion Bubble

When I think about the women who inspired my fashion dreams, plenty of faces come to mind. You can say I got an early start on my appreciation of pop culture and style, and I often recall those moments with a blurred fondness.

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